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LoThEMaR Opals - The History and Legacy

LoThEMaR Opals???

What is that? How do you say it? Back in the fall of 20n00, when Brian Green and Timothy Stefanoski we're getting ready to do their first craft shows together, selling handmade Opal and gemstone jewelry, they needed a name. They sat around in Tim's living room and shit back ideas. LoThEMaR Opals pronounced "Low the mar Opals" grew from combining their nicknames, Losain and ThE MaD RuSsIaN. 

Brian and Tim spent the next 10 years doing craft shows, vendor fairs, street fairs, and psychic fairs, creating handmade gemstone jewelry and sharing their talents with their customers. They made a variety of different pieces, from necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, to wedding rings, engagement rings, rosaries, pins, and hair combs. 

Now as the business moves forward, Tim does most of the shows, with some help from his wife Andrea and son Jason.